New Delhi: Being a part of the movie where this line “We’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse” was uttered is as magnificent as all other magnificent things in life. From the Godfather to the the Silver Linings Playbook, Robert Di Nero has given up plenty of reasons to love the cinema; not for its unreality, but for how real it sometimes was.

As we celebrate Di Nero’s 73rd birthday, we look back at those moments on screen where De Niro enthralled us and left us wishing that we would have a glimpse of ourselves in his world.

The Godfather II

Watching the Godfather I was not enough, we wanted to have more of that exuberance and style of the birth of the Italian mafia. So in Godfather II, a young Robert De Niro played the role of Don Corleone, and played it so brilliantly that we could not but help emphathise with the ordeal he had gone through.

The Taxi Driver

“You talkin’ to me?” Robert De Niro’s improvised line from the movie the Taxi Driver will forever be etched in our minds. Whenever we look at the mirror, we can’t help but think, “Couldn’t we have pulled it off also?” And the answer is a big “No”.

Silver Linings Playbook

Playing the role of an aging father for a man suffering more severe OCD, Robert Di Nero showed the emotional father within him and brought the reality and the joy of the one of the most beautiful stories in modern romantic movies.

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