New Delhi: Known for his extravagant wardrobe selections and his bendable voice as a singer or a rapper, Big Bang leader G-Dragon, also known as Kwon Ji-Yong, was born on August 18, 1988 in South Korea. Training for 6 years under one of Korea’s prominent record label YG Entertainment, Big Bang shot to fame with its first album. And as the musical years unfolded, the crew expanded reach into the world market.

From Bang Bang Bang to Fantastic Baby, Big Bang has rolled out a series of hit songs in their albums. And G-Dragon, although working mainly with the group, has produced songs of his own that have gone on to break records of their own.

With K-Pop catching the world by storm, we look at three songs from G-Dragon which completely had us overpowered.

1. Heartbreaker

Infused with a catchy beat and a brilliant flow, Heartbreaker is one catchy song.

2. Zutter

Listen to the song and judge for yourself.

3. If You

Although the single came out this year, it was long said that the song was already inside GD’s books.  

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