Chennai: Tamil actor and comedian Soori recently shared a bizarre video of a paranormal encounter on Facebook which is going viral on the internet.

The actor captured the clip on the Palani-Coimbatore highway and captioned it,”My real ghost encounter, Unbelievably True. Coimbatore to Palani Road at 2.30am”.

In the video, the actor Soori is heard conversing in Tamil inside the car when they both suddenly spot a ghost-like figure walking on the road. Soori immediately instructs his driver to turn off the light and run over it. Soon after they turn off the light, a banging sound is heard which provokes them to switch on the interior lights of the car to spot something on the car’s window which immediately disappears.

Now it is only a matter of speculation whether this is a true incident or a publicity stunt by the Kollywood actor.

WATCH the video here: 

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