Word of mouth undoubtedly plays an important role and we have seen that clearly in the two latest releases this month. While it could not do well with ‘Bombay Velvet’ of Anurag Kashyap, it certainly is working wonders for ‘Tanu weds Manu Returns’ of Anand L Rai. Hardly in five days of its release, TWMR is garnering praises from all across, both industry waalas and audience. (Also Read: Movie Review: Bombay Velvet – Not as great as it was hyped)

In elaborated debates over which character of Kangana is a better performer, we are definitely forgetting about other stars in the movie whose performance is equally worth applause. Starting from Pappi Ji to Raja Awasthi to Paayal, the appealing characters of the movie are equally responsible for making TWMR a movie, worth watching.  (Also Read: Movie Review: Tanu weds Manu Returns – This ‘rom-com’ is sure to tickle your funny bone)

Well, if you have not seen the Kangana and Madhvan’s latest ‘madness’ yet, you can consider this as ‘Spoiler Alert’ as we bring some of the most ‘seeti-bajao’ dialogues from the movie that will surely make you split your sides. Scroll down to read more…

1) Minutest of the detail is important when you are at a mental asylum:
Manu: “Kya sex sex, aakhri baar 2013 mei hua tha who bhi bhaiyya dooj k din”

2) This one you would actually understand when you watch the movie:
Raja Awasthi: Saale original bhi wahin rakhe hain and duplicate bhi?”

3) In what could be the ‘life of every person post marriage’:
Tanu: “Dr. Sahaab, iss aadmi meri zindagi jhand kar rakhi hai”

4) When you appropriately compare something, this is the result:
Tanu: “Haalat dekhi hai? Adarak ho gya hai yeh aadmi! Kahin se bhi badh raha hai”

5) Disloyalty is always a two-way road:
Tanu: “Kya Sharma ji, hum thode bewafaa kya hue, aap to badchallan hi ho gaye”

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