New Delhi: It’s Janmashtami, Lord Krishna’s birthday, which is being celebrated with fervour all across India. It is this day that Lord Krishna, or our very own Nand Gopal, was given birth by Devaki. His father, Vasudev, then took him to Nanda’s house where he was brought up by Yashoda and Nanda.
Kans, brother of Devaki, was cursed to be killed by his sister’s last child. He had already succeeded in killing six of her sister’s children but when Lord Krishna was born, it all happened as it was destined to be. Krishna then, was taken by his father to Nanda’s house where he spent his life and later also killed his maternal uncle, Kans.
Lord Krishna, the one famous for his flirtatious side as well, is known by many names such as Govinda, Natkhat Gopal, Gopala, Nand laal, Bal Gopal, Vasudev, Mohan, Kanhaiya, Kanha and Girdhar. 
On this auspicious day, where the entire nation is gearing up for the celebrations, we bring to you the idea of celebrating the festival in an enthusiastic and ‘moving’ way. Move your feet, groove to some of the really fantastic songs made in the backdrop of the festival, serving the purpose of the both celebration and remembering the Lord Krishna. 
Have a look at some of the ‘Krishna- loving’ songs: 
Maiya Yashoda: The song from the movie ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’ still has the same momentum and you can’t stop humming the same once you listen to it.
Radha Kaise Na Jale: ‘Lagaan’ not only paved its way to Oscars, but also gave us the song which reveals the naughty side of Krishna. How he used to flirt with the other Gopis, which used to make his love interest Radha jealous as has been portrayed in the song. 
Wo Kisna hai: From the movie ‘Kisna,’ this song has really got beautiful lyrics and the beats thrill you and you just can’t resist, but enjoy the song.
Go Go Go Govinda: The song from the movie ‘Oh My God’ shows the beautiful ‘Dahi Handi’ ritual which is performed almost everywhere the festival is celebrated. 
Radha on the Dance Floor: The song is a peppy one and is completely a dance song. It makes you want to groove to the beats and dance with full excitement. 
Chandi ki Daal par Sone ka Mor: This song again shows the ‘Dahi Handi’ ritual and the cute love-fight scene which girls and boys share in a competition. 
Yashomati Maiya se bole Nand Lala: Being more of a Bhajan, the song is a beautiful one where Krishna questions his mother as to why his colour is dark and that Radha’s is fair.
We got to you some of the top songs, however there are many on the same theme. So this time, club Janmashtami celebration along with the dance and experience double enjoyment. So, here’s wishing you all a Happy Janmashtami. Celebrate and keep dancing. 

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