DEHRADUN: Currently under fire for high content of lead and Mono Sodium Glutamate, Maggi noodles is going through a hard time. Roping in Madhuri Dixit into the controversy, the Food and Drug Administration in Uttarakhand has sent a notice to the ‘Dhak Dhak’ actress for endorsing the food item.

48-year-old Dixit has been asked to respond on the notice within 15 days on an ad that spoke about the ‘nutrition value’ of Maggi noodles.

Madhuri has been asked to explain the basis of her claims in the advertisement. Speaking about the same, Food Security officer, Mahimanand Joshi explained, “If Madhuri does not respond to the notice within the given time, a case could be registered against her.” (Also Read: 8 reasons you should not eat Maggi)

The Food Safety and Drug Administration in Uttar Pradesh earlier this month claimed that Maggi noodles’ samples contained Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG) and high amounts of lead, in an amount that was much above the allowable limit that could cause harm to the body organs of the people. (Also Read: Maggi lovers… Your favourite ‘2 minute noodles’ is likely to be banned soon. Should you stop eating it?)

Following the controversy, Nestle India was forced to withdraw the popular snack from the Uttar Pardesh market; however, the brand continues to deny the charges against them. 

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