New York: Firefighters had to rescue reality TV star Kylie Jenner and model Kendall Jenner after the sisters got trapped inside an elevator while making their way to a New York Fashion Week event.

The incident took place on Thursday night, when Kendall, Kylie and their friends — Hailey Baldwin and Jordyn Woods — were heading out of their apartment building in New York but found themselves stuck in the elevator, reports

Kendall and Kylie chose to spend their time by documenting the situation on Snapchat.

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“So my worst nightmare just happened. We are stuck in the elevator,” Kylie can heard saying in a video.

“This is crazy, I’m dying,” Hailey added.

After trying, and failing, to figure out how to open the door, the ladies just sat there on the floor while waiting for help to come.

“I never thought that this would actually happen to us. We’re going to be fine,” Kylie said.

The ladies just started talking about the only food they had at the time when the firefighters finally arrived. A man asked from outside if they were alright.

“We’re fine. My panic attack passed,” Kendall joked.

In the end, the girls were rescued and the Jenner sisters concluded their Snapchat story by taking a photograph with the firefighters who had rescued them.