New Delhi: The ‘Nasha’ actress, Poonam Pandey who is more often than not in the headlines for her raunchy videos and erotic pictures is back in action. The model-actress who is most remembered for promising to strip if India won the 2011 Cricket World Cup, has a movie for mobile users slated for release on September 24 – The Weekend.

Poonam recently took over to the social media and posted her sensuous picture on photo blogging platform, Instagram. The online sensation is back in the headlines as the release of the trailer of her new short film ‘The Weekend’.

Speaking at the press conference of the launch of the trailer Poonam said, ‘The Weekend’ will be India’s first adult movie for mobile lovers. It is a short film which is not rated or certified by CBFC, making it quite extraordinary and fascinating.”



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The film has been co-produced by Poonam with Suresh Nakum under the banner The World Networks and directed by Aryan Singh. The short film is exclusively for mobile phone users and is set to release on September 24.