New Delhi: Drama queen Rakhi Sawant leaves no stone unturned to take jibes when it comes to her counterparts.
There have been times when Rakhi directly or indirectly targeted porn star-turned actor Sunny Leone and shouted slogans against her. Rakhi’s recent target is Mother Sofia, the model-turned nun whose recent transformation took everyone aback. 
Sofia Hayat, the ex-Bigg Boss contestant who was once popular for posting bold pictures of herself, recently underwent a ‘huge’ transformation. Sofia chose to shed off her sexy image and wear white robe covering her head and also posted pictures from her visits to temples all across the country.
In a recent post on Instagram, Sofia is seen wearing a denim crop top with a deep neckline captioning it: “Bedtime. Goodnight. A bed of hay!”

Bedtime. Goodnight. A bed of hay!

A photo posted by Gaia Mother Sofia (@sofiahayat) on

As soon as Sofia’s post became public, Rakhi Sawant posted a comment on the picture writing, “What happened to u dear Sofia u r not mother anymore.”
Sofia went on to reply Rakhi in the following words: “@rakhisawant151 yes still mother.. cosmic Mother is everything.. i have to be everything.”
Sofia who took people aback with her ‘transformation’ claimed that she will never use make up and never get married. She even went on to say that she will never have sex.
A few days ago, the glam diva-turned nun shocked everyone when she posed for cameras with her silicon implants, which were removed from her breasts.