New Delhi: Following the controversy over ban on Pakistani artistes post the deadly Uri attack, Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn spoke to NewsX and shared his thoughts on what he feels about ban on Pakistani artistes issue, surgical strikes and politics being played over it. 

Speaking to NewsX on Indian government’s stand to carry out surgical strike, Devgn said, “I am happy, I am proud, that the government took the right stand. Hats off to our security forces. The stand taken by the India government is amazing and I wish it was taken earlier. However, I was said that some lives were sacrificed.”

“The mood is such that we need to support and stand by to our security forces in every way we can. We need to prove a point that we cannot sit back and keep getting attacked all the time and should not do anything about it. There is a dialogue and there is a limit to a dialogue and after the dialogue we need to show everyone who we are and what we are. We are not coward,”Ajay Devgn said. 

Speaking on the ban on Pakistan artistes controversy, Ajay said, I don’t want to use the word boycott. We have been working earlier together, I have worked with lot of them, I admire them but the scenario is such that we need to support our nation and they need to support their nation. So, I am sure the feeling is mutual and they also realise it. I hope things will ease out and get back to normal.

Further speaking on the issue, Devgn said, “Most of bollywood feels what I feel. India comes first. We should take pride in sacrifices of our braves. Terrorism has no boundaries or religion. Right now the government has also taken a stand to cut-off all the ties, so we should also follow that.”

Speaking about him working with Pakistani artistes, Ajay candidly said that at the moment he’s not willing to work with any Pakistani star.

Earlier on 7 October, Pakistani Actor Fawad Khan made his first public statement after being drawn into controversy over the Uri attack, but no word of condemnation on the dastardly attack came from the actor.

Khan did not utter a word of praise for India’s jawans. He thanked his fans but didn’t speak against the Pak terrorists. Questions were raised whether the bollywood doves would still back him, but today on NewsX Bollywood star Ajay Devgn came out openly in support of Pak artists being banned in bollywood.