Mumbai: Rekha, the everlasting beauty of Bollywood creates more space in the hearts of her fans, as the beautiful actor celebrates her 62nd birthday today. 
Known by adjectives such as, magic beauty, forever beauty, everlasting beauty, flawless beauty, Rekha has always marked her dominance in the Hindi film industry by both, her acting and her timeless beauty. The actor is still taken in high regard and makes the atmosphere lively by her presence. One just can’t stop looking at the kind of beauty she is and it’s difficult to stop admiring her. 
We are all familiar with the basic facts about Rekha, so here we bring to you a few lesser known facts about the actress:
Illegitimate child: 
Rekha, originally named as Bhanurekha Ganesan, is the daughter of South Indian actor, Gemini     Ganesan and Telugu actress Pushpavalli, who never married each other. Neither Ganesan ever acknowledged being Rekha’s father nor did he marry her mother.
Ugly Duckling:
Rekha was forced to work in B and C grade movies in order to support her family financially. The actor was considered an ‘ugly duckling’ before she made many skip heartbeats after her transformation. 
Continuous hook-ups
Rekha, just after she entered Bollywood, was linked with different actors and co-stars. She has often been liked with actors like Vinod Mehra, Raj Babbar and the most controversial of all, Amitabh Bachchan. The actor is believed to have a rampant love affair with the Shehanshah of Bollywood. However, Rekha was also linked up with much younger actors like Akshay Kumar in the later phase of her career.
Disturbed married life:
Rekha married an industrialist, Mukesh Agrawal, who, according to rumours committed suicide after coming to know about Amitabh-Rekha’s love affair. However, in the suicide note left by him he had written, “Don’t blame anyone.” 
Though Rekha did not marry after the death of her first husband, she is often seen sporting ‘ek chutki sindoor’ on her forehead at public events. Even after openly wearing Sindoor, nobody has ever dared to question her about it.