New Delhi: If you are 90s kid then you can very well relate yourselves to the popular TV show ‘Malgudi Days’, then you must obviously the three young kids who fulfilled the iconic roles. 
The show ‘Malgudi Days’ was based on RK Narayan’s work and directed by Shankar Nag. The show was a massive hit among the kids around the world as the show would make them travel to a different world altogether. 
‘Malgudi Days’ was set in British India, in a fictional town called Malgudi. The show focused on three different stories — Hero, Swami and his friends (SAHF), and Naga.
The second part of the series, Swami and his friends was entirely about the 10-year-old Swaminathan aka Swami who hates going to school, and spends time around Malgudi with his friends. The character of Swami was played by Manjunath.
In a recent post on social media, Swami and his friends were seen reuniting after a long time. Not only will this be a memorable reunion, it will also be a casual glance into a completely new era, unlike those of the ‘Malgudi Days’. 
Get a glimpse of ‘Malgudi Days’ here: