New Delhi: Kangana Ranaut, who is in United States for the filming of her upcoming movie ‘Simran’, met with a road accident in Georgia while she was returning back from shooting.

But the good news is she miraculously escaped unhurt!

The incident happened on October 12 when the group was returning from the shooting location to their hotel in Atlanta.

An insider said, “A local driver was behind the wheel and was driving in the leftmost lane (meant for fast-moving traffic) on highway 381. Suddenly, he started coughing profusely and then blacked out while on the move.”

Kangana’s bodyguard, who was sitting next to the driver, tried controlling the steering wheel. However, in a jittery attempt, he lost the control and car banged into an iron fence.

“Everyone was scared at that point. But luckily, none of them got hurt. Kangana had a few minor scratches on her elbows and her forehead that bled a little, but nothing major happened. Similarly, Kangana’s team members also suffered a few minor injuries,” the insider added.

The actress and her team members received some minor injuries while trying to escape. But surprisingly Kangana resumed work the very next day.


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