New Delhi: Actor and screenwriter Salim Khan has been a huge support to his son Salman Khan. He has stood by him like a rock and is always ready to face the heat of the critics.

Be it the controversies surrounding Salman or the social media debates, Salim Khan knows how to shut the mouth of his son’s haters.

The veteran actor on Saturday lashed out at the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) chief Asaduddin Owaisi for abusing Salman Khan. He took to Twitter to express his anger towards Owaisi.

Attacking the politician, Salim Khan said Owaisi is a self-proclaimed leader of Muslims. He is upset with PM Modi and that’s why abuses Salman Khan.

“Owaisi is upset with Modiji and abuses Salman. Owaisi a self proclaimed leader of Muslims. God help the Muslims,” Salim Khan wrote.

In another tweet, Salim wrote, “A couple of days ago on Times Now, during a one on one debate about UCC, Nalin Kohli happened to ask Owaisi that he must be having women in his family wife, sister and definitely a mother. Owaisi got almost violently offended.

Flashback Jan 2014 Salman went to Ahmedabad on invitation of Modiji to fly Kites. I had advised him to go. Owaisi got some of his followers’ together and said “Iss Haram ke pille ki picture boycott karo,” Salim Khan wrote in a tweet.

This is the language he uses for Muslims. I wanted to react and retaliate then but couldn’t stoop to his level.