New Delhi: On the morning of October 7, Indians were literally taken aback after they encountered a full-page advertisement on a leading English daily of Hollywood actor Pierce Brosnan holding a box of ‘Pan Bahar’.
The actor, who was earlier seen endorsing supercars and luxury watches in his James Bond films, is now endorsing a brand of paan masala. The ad created a buzz on social media which received mixed reactions which became a subject of mockery for star of that status to promote a Pan Masala. 
As per the latest reports, Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) chief Pahlaj Nihalani has imposed a total ban on the ad and he has got a valid reason for it. While talking to DNA Nihalani said, “I haven’t seen the ad. But it is very difficult to believe Pierce Brosnan has done this. Money can hardly be a criteria when you’re selling death to people. However, he has chosen to do what he has done. But there is no way we can certify the ad. All paan masala, tobacco, alcohol ads are automatically and unconditionally banned.”
Along with the people, the ad even shocked Nihalani as he wondered what made Brosan hoped to endorse such a brand. “I repeat, all paan masala ads are banned by the government on all public platforms. So what does Mr Brosnan hope to achieve by doing this ad?”
Paan Masala is considered responsible for oral cancer and other severe negative health effects. As with paan and other smokeless tobacco products, there are preventive efforts to encourage users to quit and young people not to start. We just hope this step taken by the CBFC chief proves to be progressive step for the well being of the nation.