Mumbai: Day 1 in the Bigg Boss house was filled with a lot of drama. The Indiawale did not leave any opportunity to increase work for their celebrity housemates. They not only criticised their culinary skills, they even made the celebs to clean the swimming pool thrice a day.
Day 2 in the House begins with contestants waking up to the tunes of the song ‘Gupt Gupt’. The day begins with fight where the commoner Manu questions the culinary skills of the celebrities and argues with them. Seems like, the argument of Manu with the celebs is paving way for a big war in near future. 
The commoner Priyanka Jagga is no less. She continued throwing her tantrums and forced sevaks to follow her orders. The tiff between Vj Vani and Priyanka that started yesterday is getting from bad to worst. When Vani asked Priyanka to show some courtesy while ordering, Priyanka created a fuss. 
Bigg Boss then introduced the task called Raaz, wherein the celebrities will get a chance to be the ‘maliks’ from ‘sevaks’ if they can decode a riddle and find out that one big secret of the commoners. This will be the luxury task of the week. 
The day was quite tumultuous for Om Swamiji as he emerges as the trouble maker inside the house. He threatens Lopamudra and even questions Akansha’s intentions towards her growing proximity with Gaurav. Lopamudra who had quite a good rapport with Swamiji was seen snapping with him and claimed that she had lost all respect for Swamiji. Lopa said, “Aap dadagiri nahi kar sakte. Aap sant hain, sant ki tarah rahiye”.
Akanksha too, had an ugly spat with Swamiji and alleged him of speaking a lot and hollow actions. She even went on to say, “Guru honge apne ghar pe.”
Towards the end of Day 2, Bigg Boss warns Om Swami ji for his behaviour after which Swamiji apologised to the participants and to the entire nation.

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