A 31-year-old actress Aarthi Agarwal on Saturday passed away in a private hospital in New Jersey, USA after her health worsened following a liposuction surgery. The actress died due to cardiac arrest, reports said.

As informed by Aarthis’ Manager to IANS, “Aarthi was battling obesity and pulmonary illness. She was undergoing treatment and due to some complications, she suffered a cardiac arrest and passed away.”

The Telugu actress was reportedly in the US for a liposuction surgery. According to the reports, complications after the surgery resulted in her death.

Even though liposuction surgery leading to death is rare, fat embolism is usually a lethal after-effect of the surgery but it is yet not clear if that really happened in the actress’ case.

Agarwal had reportedly approached a Hyderabad-based surgeon earlier to undergo a liposuction surgery on her which he refused as she had no fat under her skin.

As quoted in a media report, Vijayawada-based cosmetic surgeon K. Srikrishna explained, “In the case of Aarti Agarwal, if death happened immediately after surgery, it has been be due to fat embolism. If it happened after a week or 10 days, it could be because of infection.”

Aarthi Agarwal made her debut in Telugu cinema in 2001 with ‘Nuvvu Naaku Nachav’ and since then, the actress was also spotted in hits such as ‘Nuvvu Leka Nenu Lenu’, ‘Indra’ and ‘Vasantham’.

Reports tell that the actress was not seen regularly on the screen after 2008 and had reportedly gained weight. She also suffered some respiratory issues and that is when she decided to get the surgery performed.

Aarthi Agarwal’s incident has come as a major shock for the industry that merely a year ago lost another Telugu actor Uday Kiran. Kiran, who was a heartthrob in the 2000s committed suicide in January last year allegedly due to financial crunches and not bagging a big project. 

Aarthi too was named into several controversies before her death, the most talked of which was her suicide attempt in 2005 after her alleged relationship with co-star Tarun touched a rough patch. 

She starred in 25 movies (Telugu, Tamil and Hindi) and her latest movie ‘Ranam 2’ had hit the theatres on Friday in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Born and brought up in New Jersey, Aarthi also featured in a Hindi movie ‘Pagalpan’ at the age of 16. She moved to Tollywood after her Bollywood feature could not do big on the box office.

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