Mumbai: Things are heating up in the Bigg Boss house as the show progresses in its first week. The ruckus inside the house seems to be increasing day by day. The ‘Indiawale’ are leaving no chance to take advantage of being the ‘Maaliks’ by using each and every trick in the rule book and ‘Hukum ki Ghanti’ to create hell for the celebrities.
This week the contestants in the Bigg Boss house are in the middle of a task which may change the game and give an opportunity to the celebs to win the luxury task. 
The first fight in the day begins in the morning between the celeb contestant Rohan Mehra and commoner Manoj Manu Punjabi who tells Rohan that he is incapable of doing anything. The situation gets worse when Rohan and Monaj begin yelling at each other. In the midst of all this Swamiji advises Rohan to keep calm as a result of which Rohan yells at Swamiji. 
But this is not the end. Priyanka the controversy queen gets irked by Rohan too. Rohan apparently spilled come water on Priyanka while she was in bed. In order to take revenge from Rohan, Priyanka uses her power as a ‘maalik’ to punish him in the middle of the night by handing Rohan a bucket full of clothes and telling him “Tu apne aap ko bada star samajhne lag gaya hai, chal kapde dho!”
With each passing day the excitement is growing inside the Bigg Boss house.
Watch this space for more on the 2-hour long ‘Mahasangam Episode’ of the show when the ‘Jail’ in the house will get its first inmates.
The special episode will be aired on Thursday from 9.30 pm to 11.30 pm.