Mumbai: It was a two hour Maha episode of Bigg Boss 10 Day 4 that brought the first twist of the season, brawl involving Priyanka, Rohan and a little sweet surprise for two contestants.

The first little twist of the season 10 came on Thursday when contestants from both the groups Celebrities and Indiawale were asked to name one contestant from their respective groups who they found was the weakest.
Contestants from the Celebrities group dropped the ‘bombshell’ on Monalisa, who already in the show had urged the Bigg Boss that she wanted to quit the show over the kind of tensions prevailing in the show. While on the other side, the Indiawale, who were too annoyed at Om Swam ji was pushed in the troubled water.
Both Monalisa Antara and Om Swami Ji will have to be in the jail in the house for a considerable amount of time untill the Bigg Boss or Salman Khan decides to free them.
That was it about Monalisa and Om Swami ji, but how can a day pass without a fight in the house of Bigg Boss. As in today’s episode it saw Priyanka and Rohan, who were the participants of the regular brawl. We can’t really gues who actually won the war of words, but it must have been an embarrassing moment for Rohan when she was asked by Priyanka to wash her clothes. 
Well, proceeding further, we saw a brawl between Priyanka and Monalisa too, after the latter felt that Priyanka’s ‘Karva Chauth’ fast was just a show-off (‘nautanki’). 
Priyanka really got furious when Monalisa called her fake, over Priyanka’s ‘Karva Chauth’ fast being a ‘drama’.
However, amid all this fuss and fight, there was a little surprise kept for Priyanka and Karan Mehra. The latter had also kept ‘Karva Chauth’ fast but without anybody knowing in the Bigg Boss house.
The surprise began when both were called in the confession room where Bigg Boss had planned a little surprise for them. In the surprise, both Priyanka got her husband’s picture while Karan got to see his wife Nisha’s photo.