New Delhi: Bigg Boss 10 promised its viewers a spicy, tumultuous treat as they roped in both commoners and celebrities together to live under the same house. But before viewers could tune themselves to the chaos inside the house, the drama reached its peak, turning gross within minutes.

In a task where Maliks (Owners) were told to keep rocking a toy horse and the Sevaks (Servants) were told to cater to their every needs, a determined commoner Priyanka Jagga did all that she could to accomplish and win the task. However, the mother of two could not control herself and alleged peed herself.

While VJ Bani and commoner Navin quit the task, Priyanka continued.

The real problem occurred when Priyanka decided to exercise her right of being a Malik over Bani and ordered her to wash her clothes in which Priyanka had allegedly peed. And immediately after that, the two indulged in a fierce fight with most of the contestants supporting Bani over Priyanka.



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