Mumbai: The popular Colors TV reality show ‘Bigg Boss 10’ has been in news ever since it has been aired. The present concept of entertaining the audiences’ by roping in both Commoners and celebrities to live together under the same roof has given its viewers a spicy treat throughout the week.

Week 1 inside the Bigg Boss house has been quite interesting. Throughout the week the housemates were divided into two groups, the ‘Maliks’ and the ‘Sevaks’. The celebs served as the ‘sevaks’ and the Indiwale were the ‘Maliks’ who had the power to order to make the celebs work. The ‘Indiawale’ left no chance to take advantage of being the ‘Maaliks’ by using each and every trick in the rule book and ‘Hukum ki Ghanti’ to create hell for the celebrities.

In the first nomination round for eviction, the four names Gaurav Chopra, Monalisa, Priyanka Jagga and Manu Punjabi end up in the danger zone. The nomination took place on Monday where both the commoners and celebrities groups were asked to nominate two members from the other group, respectively.

The lady from team Indiawaale, Priyanka Jagga has been a constant ruckus creator throughout the week starting from the first day. On the very first day in the house, Priyanka was seen getting involved in fights and arguments with the team of celebs. Her every first encounter was with VJ Bani over her age, and then she also had a huge fight with Rohan Mehra over tasteless food and other issues.

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However, in the latest episode that was aired on Friday night saw Priyanka in a different avatar. In a task where ‘Maaliks’ were told to keep rocking a toy horse and the ‘Sevaks’ were told to cater to their every needs, a determined commoner Priyanka Jagga did all that she could to accomplish and win the task. However, the mother of two could not control herself and alleged peed herself.

The problem started when Priyanka decided to exercise her right of being a Malik over Bani and ordered her to wash her clothes in which Priyanka had allegedly peed. And immediately after that, the two indulged in a fierce fight with most of the contestants supporting Bani over Priyanka.

While speculations are at rife on who will be eliminated this week, the current updates about the show reveal that the controversy and tantrum queen Priyanka Jagga may be the next to leave the Bigg Boss house this week. So will Priyanka be the first to be evicted this week?

Watch this space for more updates on Bigg Boss 10.