Mumbai: The first ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episode of ‘Bigg Boss 10’ was filled was lot of ‘masalas’ and lessons for the housemates. In a week time the show has already created a lot of buzz because of its latest concepts of bringing celebrities and commoners together under the same roof.

As always in the episode of ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’, the host superstar Salman Khan takes each and every contestant to task and in this episode too Salman took a round-up of the previous week and asked the contestants about their experience inside the house.

Week 1 inside the Bigg Boss house has been quite interesting. Throughout the week the housemates were divided into two groups, the ‘Maliks’ and the ‘Sevaks’. The celebs served as the ‘sevaks’ and the Indiwale were the ‘Maliks’ who had the power to order to make the celebs work. The ‘Indiawale’ left no chance to take advantage of being the ‘Maaliks’ by using each and every trick in the rule book and ‘Hukum ki Ghanti’ to create hell for the celebrities.

On being asked by Salman the celebrities as the ‘Indiawaale’ opened up and presented their views in front of him. While the Celebs complained that the ‘Maaliks’ have misused their powers by forcing them some unrealistic demands, Indiawale claimed that the attitude of the celebrities towards them has been quite indifferent.

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While talking to the Indiawaale Manoj Punjabi, the Sultan actor realised that he does not the know name of Rohan Mehra staying under the same roof. When Manoj apologised for the same, Salman calls his ‘Bataameez’ instead.

Salman even disapproved Priyanka Jagga’s behaviour and asked her to be good and respectful to her co-housemates. To bring a little change in the ambience, Salman asked Lokesh to porferm Bigg Boss rap in her rendition.

Towards the end of the show, introduction of Khalnayak Kursi created an intrigue in the mind of the contestants. When Salman asked them to nominate one contestant who they think is the Khalnayak of the house most of them voted Swami Om and Priyanka. 

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