New Delhi: Bigg Boss 10 contestant, Akanksha Sharma, who was married to cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s brother Zoravar had made some startling revelations about their family on the premiere night blaming her mother-in-law for her failed marriage.
Akanksha also alleged on the show that her husband’s family accompanied them on honeymoon and even forced her to have a child. Her revelation had created quite a stir, but now a report by English daily DNA’s website  has also unveiled the other side of the story.
As per the divorce papers of the couple, Zorawar an Akanksha tied the knot in February 2014 and filed for divorce in April 2015. The papers also atate that no dowry was involved in the marriage.
The couple had gone to Goa, Dubai and Malaysia for their honeymoon, but Akanksha was reluctant to have a physical relationship with her husband and even forced him to shift to Gurgaon where her parents live. Akanksha began her late night outings after shifting to Gurgaon and would often return home drunk. As per the papers, she even got into substance abuse with her friends.
Akanksha also refused to see a marriage counsellor. Even Yuvraj Singh tried to cunsel her but in vain. Due to the trauma, both Zorawar and Shabnam had to be taken to the hospital. 
Akanksha would often create a scene if her financial demands were not complied with. She even threatened Zorawar of killing herself.
As per the papers, Akanksha would often post indecent pictures of herself to insult the family. 
Well, those revelations are expected to create quite a storm. Expect more of mud-slinging from both parties as the show has just kicked-off.