Mumbai: The Colors TV reality show Bigg Boss is not only about fame but money too. 
Undoubtedly the channels as well as the makers of the show are making a good amount with the increasing popularity of ‘Bigg Boss 10’.
The celebs who participate in the show are paid a whopping amount of money for their stint inside the house. They are paid on the basis of weeks they survive on the show. 
However, with the change in the format of the tenth edition of Bigg Boss, the walled house consist both celebs and commoners. Although the celebs will be paid money on a fixed weekly remuneration, the commoners are not paid anything.
As per reports, commoners are being paid nothing for their stint in the show. As quoted by a source of Bollywood Life., “The celebrities were given a signing amount, plus they are also being paid a fixed weekly remuneration. But the commoners are not being paid anything. Their pay scale will depend on the weeks they spend inside the house. But obviously, if a commoner manages to win the show, he/she will get the winning amount.”