Mumbai: Bigg Boss is getting more colourful and interesting with its every passing episode. The contestants can be seen enjoying and new stories seem to be brewing in the Bigg Boss house. 
Bigg Boss on Tuesday assigned a task to the housemates where in Om was made the king of the house and India-wale were to act like his relatives. Celebrity contestants were to play the role of their attendants.
One of the celebrity contestants, Monalisa was asked by the Bigg Boss to kiss Manu Punjabi on his cheeks. Monalisa completed the task successfully and was also seen confessing her love for Manu. Looks like something is cooking between the two.
However, such things are a common sight in the house of Bigg Boss. But, what happened next is shocking. Monalisa told everybody that she is pregnant. She talked about the same in front of king Om and said that she was carrying Manu’s child. 
Don’t be shocked now! It was only a prank and does not carry any truth. It was all said by Monalisa in jest.