The sports entertainment arena has been ruled by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) since its inception, many thanks to the showmanship of some legendary wrestlers. One in particular is the Undertaker, a man eccentric in many ways. He rose to such popularity among WWE fans that a special type of wrestling match was assigned to him – Hell in a Cell.

It was a caged match where the opponent either fought his gut out or submitted himself to the mighty Undertaker. Hell in a Cell was just meant to be Undertaker’s showground and he truly justified that with his incredible skills for over two decades.

In a recently organised pay-per-view Hell in a Cell, an anomaly occurred. The contenders were two women for the very first time in the history of WWE. There was a widespread scepticism among fans as Hell in a Cell match was too grotesque but Charlotte and Sasha Banks proved their mettle in style. Both of the remarkable wrestlers took this WWE match to a whole new level and truly redefined the Hell in a Cell fighting standards.

Although it was Sasha Banks who was a clear favourite as the event was held in her home city of Boston, Massachusetts and she was the star attraction but Charlotte, daughter of the WWE veteran Ric Flair, came out on the top.

The sceptical fans were not only dazzled by the tremendous Hell in a Cell match between two divas, they were entertained to the core. Clearly, days of ageing Undertaker are way behind now as a stunning beauty with lethal fighting style sits at the throne of steel cage of WWE Hell in a Cell. Hats off to Charlotte!