New Delhi: On the eve of upcoming 15th November, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fans will get to see their beloved ‘dead man’ walking again on the famous ramp of Smackdown arena. The WWE franchise announced that the Undertaker will make a long awaited return on Tuesday night Smackdown, which is the 900th episode of the show.

WWE fans have grown more used to see the scarce appearances of the legendary Undertaker while other young and budding wrestlers have taken the helm of WWE. Nevertheless, stardom of the Undertaker hasn’t gone down an inch as his name still gives millions a frenzy and massive euphoria when he steps into the ring.

It is going to be a special evening where Smackdown will be celebrating its 900th episode along with 25th anniversary of the Undertaker’s arrival in World Wrestling Entertainment. Although it remains unclear if Undertaker will go one-on-one with a wrestler in the upcoming WWE Smackdown or will just make a non-performing appearance but what’s certain is that it will be massive for all the ‘Phenom’ fans the world over.