Mumbai: Many a movies based on the adrenaline-pumped underworld have time and again reminded us of the organized crime going on in Mumbai, but ‘Dongri ka Raja’ is not just about the crime, but about a love story, a struggle to choose between profession and love and a rigid father-son relationship. 
With an amazing star cast of Ronit Roy, Ashmit Patel, Gashmeer Mahajani and Reecha Sinha, ‘Dongri ka Raja’ brings the theme of underworld crime back into the limelight. Along with it, a parallel theme of love story between a gangster, played by Gashmeer Panjwani, and a simple girl hailing from Mumbai, portrayed by Reecha Sinha, also runs in the movie.
What’s interesting is the bridge that develops between a father, played by Ronit Roy, who is also the underworld don Haji Mastan and his son when the love element gets in between the profession.
If there is underworld, there has to be other side also i.e. the savior of people from crimes, our police, the role of which has been played by Ashmit Patel. 
The trailer of the movie shows some action-packed scenes, love, and all the spice that a Bollywood movie is expected to have.
Releasing on November 11, ‘Dongri ka Raja’ is surely to set up a different benchmark for the upcoming movies set in the same background.