Mumbai: The trend of delivering a social message or social awareness among the audience by the platform of movies is being fast adopted in Bollywood. A movie set on the same line is going to hit the theatres soon. 
‘30 Minutes’ is a movie which not only focuses on love story, but also on a hard-hitting theme, brought about by the lead which has been played by Hiten Paintal. It shows the struggles of a child and how the behavior of parents towards their children can affect them psychologically and might affect them for all their lives. 
Hrishitaa Bhatt, playing the love interest of Hiten Paintal, will help him to overcome this pain inflicted upon him during his childhood. 
The scenes of the lead actor’s past, showing the violent behavior of his father towards the child is heart-wrecking and makes one feel bad for the child. How Hiten fights against this problem, and overcomes it, will be interesting to see. 
We expect the audience to understand the message the movie is trying to send, that how a parent-child relationship should be and how things should be tackled in the case of people, as innocent and sensitive as children. 
’30 Minutes’ is slated for a release on November 11 and is surely to give you chill down the spine.