New Delhi: Ssumier Pasricha, also known as Pammi aunty, spoke about the post-Diwali smog that has engulfed the Delhi very badly.

According to Pammi aunty, it is very unfortunate that people are not acting responsible and are adding to the worries of the already troubled city.

“It is very unfortunate that even after campaigning, people are not stopping themselves from using crackers on Diwali. I know they want to enjoy Diwali, but we need to think about the increasing pollution in the city”, Pammi said.

The ‘aunty-depressant’ said that people need to take this topic very seriously because not only humans but animals are also suffering.

“I don’t know what the govt is doing. The best solution they will come up with is odd-even scheme but that’s the solution to this problem,” the comedian said.

“We really need to take this topic seriously. Human beings, animals are getting affected by the smog. Odd even is not the solution. There are various machines available in the market,” he added.

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