NEW DELHI: Famous pop singer Mika Singh was booked for slapping a doctor during a live concert in Delhi in April. 38-year-old singer was arrested in the capital sometime ago. (Also Read: Popular singer Mika Singh slaps doctor during an event in Delhi)

However, soon after the arrest, Singh was granted bail in assault case on a personal bond of Rs. 20, 000. The incident took place at the event organized by the Ophthalmological Society (DOS) on April 11 where Singh was performing when a doctor named Shrikant suffered an internal injury in his left ear because of the blow by Mika.

According to the reports, Mika called some people on stage while performing from the audience for an activity. Offended by the doctor’s actions, Mika slapped him before handing him to the bouncers.

However, in his official statement released later on, Mika said, “I had made a humble request whilst being on stage, as I always do that the ladies and children should be given space to dance and enjoy the show. I asked the Gentleman in the audience several times politely to move over to the side slightly and most complied straight away.

However, there was a small group of men, who constantly ignored my requests. The ladies meanwhile were consistently asking me to ask them to move slightly. Again, I kept very calm and upon the ladies persistence I again requested the Gentleman to give them some space. It was then that the particular doctor in mention starting swearing at me from the audience and showing his middle finger in front of all the doctors present. I realised at this point he was drunk which all the doctors also witnessed.

I called him up on stage, and asked him whether he would feel just as comfortable doing the same actions on stage or in front of his family. He continued his tirade of swearing after which I lost my cool which I probably shouldn’t have and slapped him.

Now what I want to ask is why is it that I am always perceived in a negative way even when I am doing things for the protection of our own Women? Would people have rather preferred if I hadn’t taken a step to help others? Either I should ignore people like this and let these type of things carry on in our country or forget who I am and stand up for the vulnerable.

I have been like this for the last 18 years and I will never change myself. I would like to tell you of an incident last year where I helped two men on the road who had suffered a hit and run accident. The next day the news reported that I had hit them with my car and I was the target of the media. The question is why is help first perceived in the wrong way?

Finally, I just want to conclude by saying the people can decide whether I was right or wrong. I did what I felt was for the betterment of our ladies and children and I will always continue to stand up against what is wrong.”

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