A little more than two decades ago, it all started when Steven Spielberg brought the vanished dinosaurs back to the life with Jurassic Park in 1993. The movie was certainly a cult classic and today, after 22 years, the world is witnessing another installment of the Jurassic Park series with Jurassic World that hit the cinemas this week. (Also Read: Movie Review: Jurassic World – Remarkable is the word to describe)

The movie is garnering praises from all across the world. Let’s take a look on five simple reasons why Jurassic World is a must watch movie for all of us:

It’s all in the name

We are quite familiar with the craze Jurassic Park created when it was released. Jurassic World is the franchise of the past series and the name is enough to gain all that attention.

Striking effects

Even in the growing age of VFX industry, two decades ago, Steven Spielberg managed to create a spectacular yet realistic description of dinosaurs leaving us in admiration. Now, in the year 2015, the expectations of the audience are to be more real like it was never before. Well, the movie has not lacked anywhere so just be prepared with some state of art extraordinary effects.

Actor Chris Pratt 

One of the Hollywood heartthrobs, American actor Chris Pratt is amongst few of the biggest reasons one should watch this movie. A member of the theme park’s on –site staff, the actor is a trainer group of Velociraptors who saves people and tries to tame Indominus, the heritably modified hybrid dinosaur.

Dinosaurs never experienced before

Not very often do we get to see great movies made on dinosaurs and the adventurous world that could leave a major impact. But yes, this is no hidden fact that we all are Jurassic Park addicts. In this fresh movie from the series, the movie not only has dinosaurs but also enormously tall and heavy Mosasaurus, Tylosaurus and Tyrannosaurus.

For all the adrenaline junkies

Well, we all know that the adventure lovers have this craving for something new every time. They often want to create their own world and stay there for a while. Jurassic World certainly delivers an experience of a new world on the whole, something we wished existed and could be a part of it and this year, we have finally gotten this opportunity to feel the sprint and adventure. The elements of a biological preserve, a safari, a zoo, and a theme park will surely blow off your mind.

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