Hyderabad: Tollywood actor Ravi Babu was recently spotted with a piglet outside an ATM in Hyderabad. Apparently he was in the queue outside the ATM to withdraw cash. 
The piglet plays the central character in Ravi’s upcoming Telugu film ‘Adhugo’ which is produced by Suresh Babu. 
While talking to IANS Ravi said, “Wherever I go these days, I take the piglet along. I can’t leave him at home because there’s nobody to take care. I had to withdraw cash from the bank, so I decided to take the piglet with me. Although people were a little surprised to see it, nobody made a fuss out of it.”
The film is currently in its post-production stage.
He even added,”I raised a few piglets in my friend’s farm for the film. While most of the film was shot with live piglet, we did use animatronics to shoot some important sequences. It’s the first time an Indian film has used a piglet.”
PM Narendra Modi’s move to curb Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes has even not spared celebrities.
(With inputs from IANS)