New Delhi: Bollywood actress Sunny Leone has objected to the release of the documentary about her life which follows the trail of how she traversed from adult industry in America to a life more under-the-spotlight in India.

The documentary, Mostly Sunny, brings forth an account of the life of Leone, born Karenjit Kaur Vohra in Sarnia, Ontario. In the movie, Sunny talks about her conservative Sikh family and about her transformation as an adult movie star in Los Angeles and her subsequent steps in the thriving Bollywood industry.

“I hope it doesn’t come to India. Because that’s not the story that is mine. This is somebody else’s opinion, somebody else’s vision. No one has a right to tell your life story except for you,” Sunny told PTI in an interview.

Directed by Dilip Mehta, the film was shown at the Toronto International Film Festival where Sunny Leone failed to make an appearance. While Sunny maintained that she had to attend a function, Mehta said that she developed cold feet at the last minute.

“It is not a biopic made on my life where you can manipulate and say what you want. It is not like you are appealing to cinematic liberty. This is somebody’s life. This is my life, I take it very personally,” Sunny said.

She further justified her reservations for the film’s release in India by saying, “It’s really simple, at the end of the day, it’s my personal story. I surrendered to his vision but when it got to my story, how it looks and the story that is actually told… In my view no one in this entire world has the right to say how my life should be told.”