It’s October 19, 2017 and Sunny Deol gracefully turns 61 today. Born as Abhay Singh Deol, the son of legendary Dharmendra has enjoyed tremendous love from his fans since his debut in 1983 Hindi film Betaab. Sunny has gone to make a host of movies and love for him among his fans never waned, irrespective of the movies that he did. He has played all kind of characters in movies from a shy, romantic hero to a ruthless, cynical anti-villain.

But that’s the beauty of a versatile character; he can melt your heart or instil fear in it at will. Entering the film industry as the son of Bollywood’s He-Man, Dharmendra, Sunny had big boots to fill in and he duly delivered that with his remarkable performance in Betaab. And then he did Sohni Mahiwal in 1984 and swooped away his fans off their feet and cemented his image as an adorable young man of Bollywood.

By late 80s, Sunny Deol slowly started to establish himself as an action hero and in 1990, he became an action sensation with his film Ghayal. And there are many iconic scenes in his films when he sent shivers down the fans’ spine. Here, remembering some of them:

Narsimha – 1991

Nobody can forget that scene when movie’s antagonist Om Puri gets injured Sunny buried alive in a giant pillar in Puri’s mansion. After a while, Sunny breaths back to life and break out of the cemented pillar and end the tyranny of the villain.

Damini – 1993

Remember that legendary Tareekh Pe Tareekh rant of Sunny Deol in the court room? An enraged Sunny stunned every fan of his with that angry performance while fighting for justice for a rape victim in the movie.

Ghatak – 1996

A sturdy Sunny gets into a cage for a fight and comes out a winner after a long drawn, fierce battle. Sunny Deol was in peak physical condition back then and had such ruthless characters that instilled fear in the hearts of enemy.

Ziddi – 1997

That scene where he goes mental over a local goon molesting Sunny’s sister! Sunny launch a brutal attack on the goon and breaks his arm by delivering several powerful blows at it.

Gadar – 2001

The finest moment in Sunny Deol’s career came when in a show of brute power, he pulls out a cemented hand pump from the ground, which scares away several attackers.