Los Angeles: Model and reality TV star Alicia Douvall, who claims to have undergone 350 cosmetic alterations for her body, says her butt implants amongst others, have long been ruining her sex life.
Douvall had last month revealed that her butt implants were leaking, but she is still undecided about whether to have them removed or not.
Douvall says that men think the implants are for “their pleasure”, but the alterations stop her from being able to do “certain things” in the bedroom, reports dailymail.co.uk.
“”There are certain sex things I wouldn’t do because of my implants,” Douvall told The Sun newspaper.
“I’m worried about all of my implants during sex. It definitely makes an impact on your sex life, it changes things. Men think those implants are there for their pleasure but it’s ‘look but don’t touch’,” she added.

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