London: Singer Louis Tomlinson’s former girlfriend Briana Jungwirth is finding it a “nightmare” to take care of the One Direction stars 11-month-old son Freddie, because of the fans of the boyband.
Jungwirth is devoted to Freddie, but her friends say the scrutiny she has come under and the abuse she has received from Tomlinson’s supporters, has left her feeling “less of a person”, reports
Jungwirth’s friend Luke Poole told Heat magazine: “Of course Briana loves Freddie, but it’s definitely been a nightmare at times. It’s tough – she’s taken a lot of thing personally.
Poole added: “She’s not just a normal mum – she’s the mum of a superstar… When people said the baby was fake, that made Briana feel like less of a person. She’s trying to focus on being a mum, she’s got a lot of pressure on her.”

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