Chennai: Actor Kamal Haasan while addressing a media conference on Tuesday questioned PETA’s role in Jallikattu ban and said that he was against any kind of ban.

Speaking on the Jallikattu issue, Haasan said that law was intruding into our culture. There have been more deaths due to accidents then by Jallikattu.

“Don’t ban anything, I say regulate. Have been demanding this for over 20 years. We were the early agitators of this law because it showed double standard,” Kamal Haasan added.

Further speaking on the role of PETA, Haasan said, “Do not suggest banning PETA, can correct them if  they are wrong.”
Speaking on Pakistan, the actor said, “I say I dont want to hate (Pakistan), I want to rub out the borders, we created the borders. If I was born in 1924, I would have sat in front of (Mahatma) Gandhi and asked for unity between India and Pakistan.” 
Ealier on Monday, Haasan had criticized the police crackdown on Jallikattu protests but asked the young to stay calm.
“This is a mistake. Aggressive police action on students’ passive resistance will not bear good results,” Kamal had posted on Twitter.
“None can take away your rights. Please stay calm. The highest office in the country is watching and will talk in your favour soon. Maintain calm,” the actor had said. 


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