The winner of ‘Bigg Boss 10’ Manveer Gurjar has been making headlines ever since the Grand Finale of the show. Controversies have been surrounding him one after the other.

Firstly, a wedding video that went viral took aback Manveer’s fans as the groom in the video resembled him. Not only did the pictures and videos surface on internet, there were even reports that the ‘Bigg Boss 10’ winner is the father of a 5-year old. However, he kept it a secret throughout the show.
This was not the end. Another video that surfaced on social media showed Manveer using abusive languages. Then in the felicitation programme there was a ruckus that even injured him.
However, as per current reports, Noida police has lodged a case against Manveer under section 341 of the IPC. As per the report published by BollywoodLife, during the felicitation programme that was organised in Noida, permission for 40 vehicles to be at the venue was taken. But the crowd was bigger that the expectations of the police and over 1000 vehicles ended up being at the venue.
However, sources reveal that police won’t arrest Manveer. He will only be called for inquiry and will be asked a few questions.