The ‘Indiawaale’ contestant Manveer Gurjar who won the controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss 10’ has been making headlines and grabbing eyeballs for his latest controversies.

Firstly, a wedding video that went viral took aback Manveer’s fans as the groom in the video resembled him. Not only did the pictures and videos surface on internet, there were even reports that the ‘Bigg Boss 10’ winner is the father of a 5-year old. However, he kept it a secret throughout the show.

This was not the end. Another video that surfaced on social media showed Manveer using abusive languages.

Soon after Manveer, posted a video on his social media page where he is apologising to his fans who were offended due to his use of abusive language.

He captioned the video as, “Just wants to let you know all that the abusive language used in the video was a friendly chit chat with close frnds…If that hurts my fans I m really Sorry about it.”