Moments after PM Narendra Modi attacked Manmohan Singh saying that the former PM knows the “art of taking bath while wearing a raincoat”, creating a huge uproar from Congress and the opposition. One person in particular, has drawn all our attention.

This might take Manmohan Singh by surprise but Kamaal R Khan, better known as KRK, on Wednesday defended the ‘economics’ of the former PM.

KRK joined the wagon to defend Manmohan Singh, put out a tweet on the micro blogging site saying that “PM Modi believes that if he will make fun of greatest economist Manmohan Singh so he will win elections”.

The self-styled actor and a movie critic, whose Twitter handle boasts of a picture that says Amitabh Bachchan allegedly thanked him for being the ‘predictive barometer’ of box office and Bollywood, seems very convinced of the tactics used by PM Modi to win the elections.

PM Modi on Wednesday, 08 February 2017, made a comment on Manmohan Singh while responding to the debate on the motion of thanks to the President’s address.

“There is no one except Doctor Sahab (Manmohan Singh), who knows the art of taking bath while wearing a raincoat,” said PM Modi

Reacting to this, angry Congress lawmakers and a few others in Opposition staged a walkout from the Rajya Sabha.

Now, how will PM Modi’s remark fan out is still to be seen, but KRK and his economics are predicatively bundled and how do we know that?

Well for beginners, he starred in Bollywood ‘blockbuster’ Desh Drohi.