Actor Rick Hoffman, who stars in “Suits”, says he would “absolutely” like to watch an Indian version of the US legal drama TV series.

The country’s small screen fans have seen Indian adaptations of popular American TV shows like “24” and “Everybody Loves Raymond”. So, what about a ‘desi’ twist to “Suits”, which delves into the fast-paced and high-stakes world of a top Manhattan corporate law firm?

“Why not? That would be fun to watch. Absolutely,” Hoffman told IANS over phone from Melbourne.

“Suits” — USA Network’s longest-running original scripted series on air — is in its sixth season. The latest episode will air in India on Saturday on Comedy Central – Your Happy Place!

The audience hates to love Hoffman’s character – attorney Louis Litt, who is armed with ferocious knowledge of the law and has a bullying nature.

“As far as the show being popular… I never, in a million years, expected such an amazing response. We are always reminded… when people come up to us and say nice things,” said the actor, who has also featured in movies like “Hostel” and “The Condemned”.

The show, which stars Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams, Gina Torres and Sarah Rafferty as well, has a loyal fan base across the globe, but is yet to be honoured with a golden statuette.

“It’s definitely something that a lot of fans feel (the show should win awards), but I believe the writers deserve an award. They really do something special for us and those (awards) are always nice. But that’s not why we do it,” he said.

Talking about fans, Australian cricket legend Shane Warne probably tops the list if one goes by his tweets on the micro-blogging site. But recently Hoffman slammed Warne for having a mirror above his bed.

The sports star didn’t seem to mind at all as he quickly tweeted: “Hoffman, hope you’re enjoying Australia. Shame Rick wasn’t a fan of my bedroom! Ha ha. Love.”

To which, the actor replied: “Shane, I rethought what I said. I had them install a mirror in my bedroom and then I had them de-install my self respect. All in good fun.”

Now that all’s well between the two, would Hoffman like to share screen space with Warne?

“It’s funny that you should ask. But to say, at around 7.30 pm (Friday)… there is a bit of a surprise that is going to take place down here in Melbourne,” he said.

Is Warne going to be a guest star on the show?

“No. Let’s just say that he has a great sense of humour,” said Hoffman.

The show has been renewed for seventh season for a premiere later this year.