Jimmy Kimmel, who will be hosting the Oscars ceremony this year, doesn’t want actor Matt Damon to sabotage his hosting stint.

Kimmel and Damon are known for their hilarious made-for-TV feud, but for the 89th Academy Awards, Kimmel would try his best to keep Damon from stealing the spotlight.

“I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that he doesn’t win or doesn’t know that he won. My goal is to keep him offstage,” Kimmel told hollywoodreporter.com.

In another interview, Kimmel said: “I’m gonna hit him over the head with the Oscar.”

Damon is nominated as a producer for ‘Manchester by the Sea’.

“Listen, there are certain people who are winners and there are certain people that aren’t. I put Matt in the latter category. I don’t see him getting his grubby, overly moisturised little hands on an Oscar on Sunday night. And if he does, I’ll be heartsick,” Kimmel added.