Angelina Jolie has hit the headlines again but this time it’s not about her divorce from Brad Pitt or her family. It’s about her culinary skills!

The 41- year-old was seen doing something very intriguing on live television in Cambodia.

Jolie cooked some strange delicacies like tarantulas, crickets, spiders, cockroaches, and scorpions with her children.

In a video by BBC News, the Hollywood star was seen feasting on bugs and sharing her views about consuming such food. Not only this, Angelina Jolie even swallowed a tarantula leg without any discomfort.

The video also shows the actress teaching her children how to clean the insects and also how to cook them.

“They actually have a very good flavor,” says the actress while tasting a tarantula paw.

The actress said when people were starving during the war; they were able to survive with things like these.

Jolie was in Cambodia to promote her Pol Pot-era film “First They Killed My Father”. 

Watch the full video here:

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