Thinking twice about your plunging neckline? Paranoid on how much cleavage is too much? You should probably tune into this perfect video featuring the bold and extremely beautiful Bollywood actors Taapsee Pannu and Swara Bhaskar.

 The Bollywood duo, well known to wear their heart on their sleeve, have come up with this wonderful video titled ‘How much cleavage is good cleavage’ that takes jibes on all those judgmental approach given by our ‘society’ towards women.

 While giving us the first quick look of the video, Swara says, “In office… wear a collarbone high neck.”

“And maybe strangle yourself,” she adds.

 While giving all the essential advice by instructing women on how and why they should cover their cleavage, the actors’ conclude their video by claiming the fact that they are extremely proud of their bodies, urging others to feel the same.

 The viral video has garnered over 120,000 views and all the good blessings from the YouTubers in their comments section.


Watch the full video here:

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