MUMBAI: Well, it is hard to find someone who is not fond of the Bollywood ‘baadshah’, Shah Rukh Khan. Fans of this superstar can actually go to any extent to prove their love for him.

In a recent episode, some unknown fans of the ‘Happy New Year’ actor have painted graffiti on the walls of his residence in Bandra. Yes, the walls of Mannat have been coloured by his fans with different messages written on it on Wednesday. 

Even though the messages were signed ‘Gaurav’, it is yet not clear that who painted the walls of his beautiful ‘Mannat’ that is surrounded almost all the time by his fans to have a glimpse of their favourite star.

The pictures of the same have gone viral on Twitter and #Mannat was one of the most trending topics on the social media platform today.

While the security guards at the big walled house were clueless about the graffiti, they said that they would not touch it till their ‘boss’ orders them to do so. 

“There is nothing wrong with graffiti and we don’t see any need to cover it. Anyway, boss isn’t around and will be back only after 20 days or so. If he calls and asks us to remove it, we will do it,” a security guard was quoted in a media report.

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