Notorious for getting under the skin of everyone through his controversial tweets, Kamaal Rashid Khan also known as KRK got his first threat call on Thursday by a Facebook group who hacked his Twitter account after he took a jibe on Malayalam actor Mohanlal.

 Sources suggest that a social media group on Facebook named ‘Mallu Cyber Soldiers’ have breached KRK’s Twitter account with the help of ‘some of the best hackers and cyber experts’, who were able to access private information of KRK’s account through his email address.

“After few hours of working we’re able to break into one of his email through which we got access to the KRK’s twitter and Facebook recover email” read the Facebook post of the hacker group.

The group also informed KRK that his email was compromised. However, they didn’t receive a reply from the self-proclaimed movie critic. 

They also made a cyber attack on one of his ‘main income sources’ which is his AdSense account.

“Mr KRK, forget your ad earnings, we are now going to shut down your Google ad revenue account,” the group wrapped up the threatening post by saying.