The king of ‘controversies’ Swami Om is making headlines once again and this time for a lap dance. In a video that is going viral on the internet, the self-styled godman is seen meditating with his eyes closed while a girl in lingerie is seen swooning around him.

Swami Om is wearing his trademark red kurta with a huge Om pendant as the girl woes him by her dance moves and touches his face. The lady can be seen grooving to “Chal Sanyasi Mandir mei.”

Reports say that Swami Om didn’t like her first look and got her outfit changed.


The video is believed to be the part of Om’s upcoming movie ‘Man Ka Mel’, featuring model Anam Khan.

The video that is taking internet by the storm has already got over 3 million views on YouTube.

In the video, the Mumbai-based model is seen wearing two different coloured bikinis.