Fantasy, mythology, drama and fiction are some of the genres on which several television programmes are based on. Most of the times, such ventures have proved interesting and a fantastic source of entertainment. While watching such programmes is always fascinating and amusing, knowing something about cultures, tradition or mythological stories of another nation, belief or region for that matter is even more exciting.

Recently it has been found that Indian TV serials like Mahabharat, ‘Naagin’, ‘Devon Ke Dev Mahadev’ and have turned out to be among some of the most popular shows in China.

While Chinese audience loves Indian serials based on mythology, recently there has been an upsurge in the number of followers.

According to the viewers in China, people there are impressed by actors playing godly characters, the way their make-up is done and the their acting.

People are so much in love with Indian programmes that a Chinese volunteer group even started providing Chinese subtitles for Indian TV dramas.

Yang Buhui, 29, one of viewers was quoted saying to Global Times, “Indian mythology itself is just fascinating. Its philosophy and worldview, which are very exotic, have been a wonderful new world to me.”