Showing the woman power and courage to take on molesters, actress Mahhi Vij has shown that how women can deal with such molesters after she herself dealt with one. 

The ‘Tu, Tu Hai Wahi’ album girl revealed a club incident where a man tried to molest her.

Sharing that shameful incident, Mahhi Vij said that she was at a nightclub with her husband and other friends when the incident happen.

The actress mentioned that she went to the washroom and on the way back she was groped by a man from behind. Initially she was shocked but she became furious. Reacting to the molester she slapped him twice but there was no remorse on his face.

The actress further mentioned that she went to her husband and asked him to confront the guy but till then he had left from the place.

“I couldn’t even lodge a police complaint as he couldn’t be identified,” Mahhi said.